Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Chapter 13 from Team: Wordoholics.
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In the evening Jennifer sat with her laptop and poured little scotch onto a paunchy crystal glass... she loves it single malt. Since she joined BBC, she perceived a gradual decline in her creative-libido as a photographer. No more does she incline for street photographies, nor schedule her alarm for golden hours. Almost hundred gigabytes of unprocessed image file have been hibernating in her portable drive since she relocated to Mumbai. A sense of dormant guilt was perturbing the passionate photographer in her- “Darling are you just a corporate slave?” No way, she decided. She couldn't wait for the coming sunday to organize her photo archives.

With every sip of the golden liquid, she was getting more attached to those photos on the display. Instead of categorizing Jenny was trying to smell the air, water and dust in them. There was a giant statue of Monkey God looming over a speedy city train passing by its waist level, on the LCD where she paused.

Whenever you get intoxicated with alcohol, your mind tends to avenge you by playing your drunken master with collage of memories, till you get exhausted and knocked out by default!

Jennifer Joseph came out slowly of the Karolbagh metro station as if keeping a count of her own steps and rang somebody, “Hey, where're you? I see you nowhere around...”
It is no more safe there. Take the lane on your left and walk till you touch the main road. Keep walking straight and you'll find a mammoth Hanuman statue on the other side of the road. Don't cross the road. Remain within ten meters of the rusted Madrasa gate. And the most important thing, don't even think of asking road direction from anyone...” the call was disconnected abruptly.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Dark side of the Moon

Chapter 5 from Team: Wordoholics.
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Tara did not return to Shekhar till time took its stroll. It's the sky that holds the lonely sun, playful clouds, twinkling stars and at the same time drops of rain, enough to flood the mankind. You sing a song at his praise but the one living there would curse at your lyrics... for he has seen the dark side of the moon!

Two parallel beams of intense halogen dismantled the breeding tie between monsoon driven dog couple. Black water in the pothole born of the day long mizzle lost its stillness by two tyrant pieces of attention-shy rubber.

Hardly anyone enters those shadowy alleys bifurcating from South Bay Cemetary near Mahim creek, and that too not certainly on a bottom wide hatchback. There is a washerman colony, may be fifteen minutes' walk away from the first gate of the cemetary. But as the evening engulfs Mumbai, kids of washerman who loiter around in those bylanes, sometimes playing gully cricket, too abandon the place. It is not the fright of uncanny spirits reigning the night air but the abundance of venomous snakes in the region.

Children from Indian low socioeconomic strata get to realize by five years of age that ghost is totally an illusive concept and by the time they attain teenage they already know how elusive our health infrastructure is. Half of the solar streetlights would glow dimly in normal days but they take a group-leave almost everyday in rainy season.

Switching off the air-conditioner, the lean man opened the driver's door. He took a deep breath as if to invite random souls hovering over the cemetary sky. He does so always, before lighting a cigarette, and also he moistens his lips with a sip of water. Since university days when he used to sing he developed this notion that it would preserve the redness of those vivid lips despite habitual smoking.

Something crossed Shekhar Dutta's brooding mind and with a bang he closed the car door. The cold breeze was circulating inside the vehicle once again in full vigor, replacing the sultry mini atmosphere that was created momentarily. Yet few drops of sweat trickles down his forehead. Shekhar can feel the throbbing heart, almost struck in the middle of his throat!

First time it had occurred four years back when everybody assumed it to be a premature heart attack, including him. But now he has learnt to live with this. Every time his body shows such autonomous excitement, words of Dr Cheryl explaining his condition to Tara echoes in his ears “Look Mrs. Dutta, it is not a panick disorder. It's not a very common case though, and in my 23 years of practice your husband is my second patient with such symptoms. Good part is he's totally non-alcoholic and you two are having a happening conjugal life, correct me...”

Shekhar knows he won't die but he is tired of tolerating the restlessness of his heart. He hates good things to begin with a bad ceremony. Previously he used to take weekly medication until he realized those were affecting his social attributes and had nothing to do with the chaos within. He twisted a lever to lower the seat and dialed a number, a particular number for which he drives more than thirty odd kilometers down the city every saturday to this godforsaken place.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Download All your Photos from Picasa and Google Plus

I was trying to figure out a way to download all my photos and image files from the Picasa and Google plus account. Downloading an individual file was easy, so was downloading an album, but there seemed no easy way to download all photos with the click of a single button! Like me, someday you may also feel the need of keeping an offline backup of all your uploaded photographs and online data in your hard disk for anytime-accessibility and portability advantages. This may come handy for photo bloggers too. Even the google support page for picasa says, “To download entire albums from picasa web albums, picasa must be installed in your computer”. So, I had to do bit of research to find a solution to my problem. I didn’t like the idea of installing picasa, as I wanted to accomplish it in a smarter way, “with the click of a single button” as I said before. Ultimately I found the doughnut! Now you can also download a copy of all your photos and other data like contacts, calendars, mails, profile, chat archive etc, i.e. anything and everything stored in your google account with the click of a single button by following my easy instructions. This will automatically include all your photos uploaded to picasa and google plus profile. Keep reading…