Wednesday, May 28, 2014

27coupons Website Review

In recent times there has been a high-flying growth in online shopping habits among internet users around the globe. Why won’t we buy online if we can finish the whole transaction in a couple of minutes while relaxing on our sofa with the added comforts of shorts and pollution free cool drawing room air? This growing faith and inclination towards web-stores is the reason for an approximate annual rise of 30% in overall global ecommerce sales. Ah why am I shifting to statistical data when I’ve something better to do! Now, with the flourish of online market you might have noted a new trend among mushrooming companies who’re aggregating best of deals/coupons/offers of various popular web-stores and catering to online buyers. The concept is pretty simple. You visit the particular coupon website, browse through the available offers/deals in various online stores, click on the one suiting your need and you’ll land up on the correct store. While you pay your cart total either you’ll have a coupon code to apply (if supplied previously by the coupon site) or your purchase will be automatically noted and later you’ll be rewarded with some pre-decided amount of cask back. is one among such platform which will help you save some bucks in your otherwise inevitable expense. When I was approached by 27coupons online media manager to review their website I was somewhat skeptic

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kolkata Tram Rhymes

People find them slow, downmarket and spoiler of the city street. But surprisingly I find them classy, environment friendly and Kolkata-like. Yes, that’s why I stare with wide open admiring gaze (the same way I used to stare decades back) whenever a tram passes by me in any busy location of Kolkata. It’ll sound filmy but I can smell the essence of this old city in the rattle of those CTC trams. Whenever I get a chance I hop into a tram coach and enjoy the cityscape through its slow but steady motion spending only a few coins from my wallet. If you’re travelling to Kolkata, whether for work or touring, you must ride a tram to get that Kolkata-like feel. There’re few air conditioned trams run by CTC for joy ride of tourists but better be a traveller (not a tourist) and board onto a normal route tram. I’m quoting this idea from some Bengali movie- In this world there’re three types of people. Type A is eating, type B is the food and Type C is the one watching the whole process from the cloud level. When you board a tram in Kolkata (where else will you find a tram anyway!) you’ll play the role of type C people and I bet you’ll enjoy the moment and may be you’ll remember me. Here’re few tram photos clicked by me in Esplanade CTC tram depot with my simple mobile camera.