Sunday, February 2, 2014

Digital cum Analog Metallic Wrist Watch - a Review

It’s truly said that time can’t be trapped like butterflies but some of us dig out salvation from collecting time machines. If you’re an intellectual like ‘me sometimes’ your brain must be circumventing around Hawkins… relax, think simple my friend, I was talking about craze for watches. Although my bank statement laughs at me now and then I’m blatant to admit that I love spending on wrist watches. So, few weeks ago when Austinon behalf of proposed me to review a watch from their collection I couldn’t say ‘no’ despite my zero inclination cum experience in product reviewing at Although it’s customary to put this disclaimer at the bottom of the post I’d do it right here to make myself comfortable- this is not a paid review and I didn’t pay my soul in exchange of the watch I got to review. After my email communication with Austin, when I had almost forgotten of the whole thing, I got a yellowish envelop from Zurich. Inside of that envelop was lined with bubble wrap and there was a Digital cum Analogue metallic wrist watch inside it! The lack of a dedicated box/packaging for such a heavy watch made me sad but the sheer look of the large dial elevated my mood.
I fell in love with the remarkable dazzled courtesy of the complementary colours that ornament the stainless steel encased big round dial. Inside the dial you’ll find three stylish hands for the analogue counterpart that keep up its sporty spirit. The LCD lays comfortable down as the background with clear four line display with time being the largest among them blinking at the bottom. The silver coloured metal strap with two different tones of polish over it complements the bulky bezel/dial can earn you accolades from your friends who won’t believe it to be a 16 USD watch at any cost. Apart from its usual analogue role, its digital part performs all day to day needed functions which you get in most of the basic digital watches in the market like- day, date, time, alarm (both hourly and specific), stopwatch, attractive luminescent display etc apart from being water resistant. There’re total five buttons for operating the watch which I found to be responsive but sturdy. Other than the one in the 3 O’clock position all other four buttons are needed to manipulate the digital watch and due to the lack of proper labels you need to read the manual once to know the exact role of each button. The elegant strap is good enough with its push button clasp to keep the otherwise huge and almost 150 gm heavy dial at the centre of your wrist without making you feel the extra weight!
Nothing comes with all pros. This glamorous digital cum analogue watch has got few downsides too which I must discuss to complete this brief review. Even if you leave the agony of a watch box from the manufacturer, the single page manual supplied with the watch makes you feel inadequate in every sense (lack of warranty hurts too). You need to experiment yourself with the watch buttons to discover its functions but once you find them out they’re really simple. If you have a medium wrist like me, the watch may look somewhat extra-large and for all lanky wrists it’s a strict ‘no’. Although water-resistant has been mentioned, nothing has been quantified (like 30/50/100/200 m) about its capacity, so you’ll probably lack the confidence to expose it to any amount of water. The glass cover over the case is slightly protruding out of the case rim… you need to be careful enough to save it from any scratch which further curtails its rough and tough usage quotient even after a solid body. You’ll most likely let the watch sling down your wrist slightly to keep up with the current trend. While letting it hang loose, the sharp edge of the metallic strap may abrade your skin on prolonged use… watch out if you’ve sensitive skin like me.
Right now I’m not in a position to comment on the battery life and longevity of my new watch but what I can firmly say is you won’t find a better built yet designer digital cum analogue watch in less than thousand Indian bucks. This watch can be an ideal accessory for any fashionable man on casual occasions. If you’re into online shopping and don’t mind much on warranties over inexpensive purchases you may browse through Tmart Watches. I think I forgot to mention before, this was the first time I received any envelop with a stamp of Swiss Mail!