Sunday, December 21, 2014

Combine good Nutrition and Exercise to combat evil Menopause

The 'M' word is as scary to women as erectile dysfunction to men. Already a woman's body buffers a lot more stress unlike a man's, due to all physiological yet exhaustive processes involved with her gender, starting from menarche to menopause. After all these years of continuous biological test of stamina as she reaches her advanced years, nature gifts her with 'Menopause'... what an irony! Menopause is not just about mood swings, obesity, hot flashes, anxiety, or depression, but it's a state where most women start feeling “It is all Over for me!”. Despite galore of information available today, many questions about menopause and how to combat this inevitable remain mostly unsorted. So, the current scenario is- researchers are desperate, clinicians are doubtful and ultimately patients remain unsatisfied. I won't go into that gray zone of confusions, rather my today's talk would be confined to- how can we combine good Nutrition and Exercise to combat evil Menopause. No hormone replacement therapy (HRT) shall be addressed in this article as HRT is associated with increased risks of heart diseases, strokes and development of breast cancer; Only few tested, safe and practical measures which every woman can follow would find places in subsequent paragraphs.

Essential Nutritional modifications for Menopausal Women:

* Probably you're thinking of 'Osteoporosis' or fragile bones by now. Unfortunately, it's not only your bones but muscles too take the blow of menopause! Due to fall of estrogen level in your body, calcium absorption deteriorates which demands for a diet rich in calcium. If you're a menopausal woman you need little less than 1500 mg of calcium per day. In our country, richest dietary calcium sources are milk and milk products (curd, yogurt etc). For your estimation: 100 ml of cow-milk provides you around 120 mg of calcium. Take 500-700 ml of milk per day (unless you have milk intolerance) and pop in a 500 mg calcium tablet, in fixed dose combination with vitamin D3 (you can procure the same OTC).

* As I mentioned earlier, menopause weakens your muscles too, which may manifest as muscular/joint aches with normal exercise. Easiest way of combating menopausal muscle wastage is to increase your dietary protein intake. As a thumb-rule, 1 gram of protein per kg of your ideal body weight can efficiently safeguard your body muscles. Comparing your present weight with normal range of BMI (Body Mass Index) can be one way of finding out your ideal body weight or, simply use an online Ideal body weight calculator for the same.

* Unless you're affected by thyroid disorders you are free to consume soy products liberally up to 50 grams a day. Other than rich calcium content, soy products also contain magnesium, boron, isoflavones, phytoestrogens etc which have multiple protective functions in a woman's body. Dietary soy improves overall bone health, decreases risk of fracture, prevents hot flashes and also has some protective role against breast cancer!

* Limit your Tea and Coffee intake, as tannin and caffeine (principal stimulant ingredients of tea and coffee respectively) are known to cause calcium loss from human body.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exercises to Strengthen your Muscles during Pregnancy

Having already advocated 4 Easy Exercises for a Healthier Pregnancy and how to Relieve your Back Pain during Pregnancy, I'm taking slight liberty by now to assume that you know why it is so important for you to exercise during pregnancy. Your highly loyal body is over-clocking to keep up with your ongoing pregnancy related changes. I know you're being a good boss too, helping it with a lot of physical and mental adjustments from your side! So, why don't you oblige your stressed body with a light exercise regimen specially tailored for strengthening your muscles during pregnancy? Whenever you feel pain or discomfort your natural instinct would guide you to rest, is understandable. But, do not listen to that lazy instinct when you're pregnant. Introduce a light exercise regimen in your daily schedule. You'll be amazed how an exercise routine with few simple movements for half an hour a day can minimize your body aches and boost up your overall energy level! If you were not exercising earlier, 13th week can be a good starting point for your pregnancy exercises. Do you remember the other benefits of exercising during pregnancy? Lesser weight gain, fewer physical complaints, easier labor, smoother delivery and quicker post-childbirth healing... wow!

Before you start with this exercise regimen, you may consult your cute doctor (skip the 'cute' part if you're reading this article with your husband) to ensure that these exercises are suitable for your case and you must ask for your doctor's opinion if you have preexisting problems like history of heart diseases, high blood pressure, asthma, multiple pregnancy, premature labor etc. It is worthwhile to mention that these exercises can be combined in alternate days with those 4 elementary yet golden exercises for a healthier pregnancy- Walking, Swimming, Exercycling and Yoga.

Strengthen your Abdominal muscles with Pelvic Tilts: This can be the easiest exercise to begin with. Lie flat on your back with knees bent perpendicular and feet resting on the floor. This can also be performed in other positions but I've noticed 'lying flat on the floor' is the easiest one for majority of pregnant women. If you place your hand below the lower half of your back you'll discover a space enclosed between your arching spine and the flat floor. All you have to do now is trying to flatten your back against the floor so as to obliterate that mini arch below you, without involving your muscles down the waist. Repeat it about 10 times and move to the next after a brief resting period.
Pelvic Tilt
Strengthen your Pelvic Floor muscles with Kegel's exercise: It requires some effort on your part based on imagination. Visualize pulling the muscles of the vaginal area up as if to lift your internal organs towards your baby. If it is difficult to follow, you may also visualize stopping your pee in the middle of the action. Don't pee and try, all I am saying you is to imagine the act. Hold the position as tightly as possible and maintain it for 2-3 seconds without forgetting to breath during the exercise. This position holding period can be extended up to 8-10 seconds slowly. Keep in mind- to effectively involve your pelvic floor muscles you need to consciously keep your abdominal, thigh and buttock muscles relaxed during Kegel's exercise. Repeat it 3-5 times.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Raising my Voice for a Cleaner India

It's a writer's common thing when his imaginations go wrong, when the scent of Suzan lingers yet writer's block is strong... Into the perimeter of each blogger's pan, sweet vouchers come calling and the writer's greed lands...! With due apology to the legend Elton John (of course for tweaking with his lyrics) I would like to begin today's chitchat. Topic is the power of voice to clean India. Wait folks, if I'm sounding uncomplicated curse my health and lifestyle preaching spree of late, which has made me realize that a pretentious serious tone earns readers' confidence much more easily. You may wonder, am I faking this whole blogging thing? No, I'm quite serious when I write an article, more so when it's health related. So, the better idea would be to overlook the hole in my doughnut and relish its nutritive value.

Why is it important to raise our voices in general?
* To prove we're not physically dumb (at least...).
* To overrule the preexisting sound pollution.
* To show that we're naive enough to believe raising voice is the only way to be heard.
* To get a grip of the slipping away argument (99% failure rate).
* To be in the delusion that we're in control.

Why is it important to raise our voices to clean India?
* India is our motherland and she desperately needs thorough cleaning.
* We are addicted to play deaf-deaf-blind-blind game, so, raising voice is a bare necessity.
* All these years we've pooped almost everywhere... who else would take the liability?
* Even if it doesn't help in cleaning India, our concealed motif of building social contacts and beautifying our public images would be fulfilled (I can bet on the later!).

Thursday, November 27, 2014

All You need to Know about Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a horrifying word for women who suffer from it. There's no particular age at which premenstrual syndrome usually bothers a lady, affecting adolescent girls to her menstruating mother, with more than hundred possible symptoms of sufficient severity to interfere with her relationships, working capacity and social activities. Coming from a man, although it may not sound compassionate but if you're suffering from various problems regularly prior to your menses, you should know that you're not alone and not the only 'chosen' one. Around 80% of menstruating women have premenstrual problems and roughly 15% of them are distressed enough with the uninvited company of this premenstrual syndrome. Theoretically, premenstrual syndrome is a wide spectrum of physical, psychological and emotional symptoms related to a woman's menstrual cycle, and practically, it is a real pain in the ass (Women who suffer from PMS won't take my words as offensive, rather they would second me)!

How would you know it is Premenstrual Syndrome?
Confusion and false apprehension is far more agonizing than the problem itself. Obviously, it is for your doctor to diagnose your premenstrual syndrome but, a bit of knowledge on what is going on inside your body is always gratifying. Remember that symptoms of premenstrual syndrome would follow a cyclical pattern occurring regularly during the two weeks prior to menses, with a distinct symptom-free period in between. Hold on, I'm coming to the list of commonly encountered symptoms in my subsequent paragraph. Dysmenorrhea, or painful menstruation, is often misunderstood by the patient as PMS as both of these conditions relate to menstruation and pain. If you know the basic pattern of these disorders you can easily differentiate them. As you already know the pattern of PMS it is time for you to get acquainted with dysmenorrhea. In general, symptoms (cramping tummy pain which can be sometimes felt even over the thighs and lower back region) of dysmenorrhea tend to peak by 24 hours of the beginning of menses and subside after the second day.

What are the common symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome?
Like I said before, premenstrual syndrome exhibits myriad symptoms ranging from mild unhappiness to fainting spells! You can either have one particular symptom or a bunch of them. Severity of PMS symptoms varies between two extremes making you slightly uncomfortable to significantly incapacitated. If you're suffering from PMS, most probably you'll encounter one or some of these symptoms:
* Bloating sensation and discomfort in abdomen
* Unhappiness/ Irritability/ Mood swings/ Depression/ Forgetfulness
* Tension/ Anxiety/ Aggression/ Loss of concentration
* Confusion/ Tiredness/ Insomnia
* Decreased Sex drive
* Cravings for foods and sugar
* Headache/ Body Ache/ Abdominal Pain
* Weight gain
* Swelling of Face, Hands, Ankles
* Breast tenderness
* Episodes of Crying

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Morning Dew

As she came down for breakfast the hall was already full. The lanky man with brown eyes and unshaven cheeks as she had anticipated was sitting alone in a corner, facing the entrance obliquely shoveling a chunk of boiled carrot into his mouth. Not every morning one gets those jumping butterflies in the tummy, she thought. Deepa picked her serving and headed for the only empty chair in the dining hall. Metaphorically, she owned that seat.

Deepa: (Looking at that man) Hi... I thought you would knock me once before...

The Man: Excuse me... Why would I?

Deepa: I get it... Your sense of humor is really scary! That's what I thought last night...

The Man: Thanks, I thought people do the eating with breakfast stuffs.

Deepa: Hey, you were damn good... we had one of our best nights yesterday (keeping her palm on his resting left hand).

The Man: (Quickly withdrawing his hand) Ouch... you caught me baby, I forgot to wash my afterglow!

Deepa: Was it just like that... you don't want to talk about it? I'm ok with that... you got to let me know... clearly... no playing around.

The Man: (Wrinkling face pretending to sob) I'm so sorry honey... I was cheating on you... I never meant to do with her but she drugged me you see...

Deepa: Ah stop screwing with me... I don't give a damn how you feel... now it seems that I was being friendly to someone who doesn't deserve it!

The Man: Thank God, to be honest we started it wrongly and now I take half of the blame. Sorry again.

Deepa: You don't have to pretend to be nice just because you want to leave the table.

The Man: Sincere apologies Diana... I was such a fool to assume that you have followed me for the bank cheque (he winks).

Deepa: Are you always this ass?

The Man: Not really... may be once in a month when I get to do with a needy woman. All subtle sentiments you know...

Deepa: Son of a bitch... did you just call me needy?

The Man: Shall I get the privilege to whine for a while, cut-throat bitch?

Deepa: (Throwing her cranberry juice in his face she left the chair) Go to hell...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Open Defecation is too Unhealthy to Practice

A blogging contest reminded me that my country is sipping chilled 'whatever' of 21st century and yet, 597 million of my Indian brothers and sisters (this address helps in establishing a quick and warm rapport with the mob, never mind!) are pooing in open... Ah what a national shame! The data was interesting enough to engage me in a brief investigation on this subject. A recent report prepared jointly by WHO and UNICEF states that out of 1 billion people worldwide defecating in open, India successfully tops the leaderboard. Saddest part is not the problem itself, but, despite this huge population of open defecators, along with Indonesia and Nigeria, India seems least bothered by this public health issue! Since the starting of this month I've been devoting time on health related topics, so, half of my countrymen choosing to “go to the fields” bothered me, i.e.- this time I opted to write for “Indiblogger Happy Hours” topic not for the innocent greed of shopping voucher... Seriously guys, open defecation is a potent source as well as mode of infection and at the same time it pollutes the environment. Thus it is a genuine public health menace which needs to be addressed right now.

Open defecation is apparently more natural, cheap, headache-free and kind of cool too (please don't ask me how is it cool)... Then what is the Health Problem with Open Defecation?
Problems are plenty:
* It pollutes soil.
* It pollutes water too.
* It contaminates foods through dust and insects.
* Facilitates breeding and propagation of disease-gifting “Santa with wings” called flies.

Generally you end up with tummy ailments (intestinal infections) with some sophisticated but familiar names:
* Typhoid
* Cholera
* Diarrhoea
* Dysentery
* Hookworm/ Roundworm disease
* Hepatitis
* and many more...
Studies indicate that every year about 5 million people in India die in one of these diseases and another 50 million take their blow totally unguarded!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Relive Pain in 10 seconds Without Medicine

Pain can not be quantified. Pain is a complete personalized unpleasant feeling. Practically it is as bad as the sufferer perceives it. Everyday we're subjected to some pain or the other. Sometimes we can win over our pain and move on. But sometimes pain traps us in worse mess, from where we slowly resort to depression, addiction and sinful acts. Today I won't touch those grey domains, rather I'll talk about simplest reliefs of 5 pains or painful conditions which we face now and then. If you have stiffness of neck, fingers, shoulder pain, wrist pain, cramping legs etc, you won't have to take painkillers with potential side-effects. Simple exercise of 10 seconds, suitable for all age groups, can give you relief from each of these pains! Most of the painkillers you take upsets your stomach, causing acidity and on long term usage they harm your kidneys. So, next time when you get tormented by pain why don't you try these easy harmless 10 second exercises, before indulging for medicines?

Are you having a painful or stiff neck?

Fine, try this simple exercise to relieve your neck pain/stiffness:
- Sit on a stable position and try to relax.
- Slide your head back keeping your chin parallel to the ground.
- Push the index finger of your one hand against your chin. Do not let your wrist or arms apply the pressure, it should be only from your single index finger. Maintain that position for 10 seconds and then release.
- You may repeat it after an hour if pain creeps in again. But don't repeat as soon as you finish the first one.

Are you suffering from shoulder pain?

Fine, try this simple exercise to relieve your shoulder pain:
- Support your bent body with your hand from the unaffected side holding onto a stable support like the edge of a office table, as if you are leaning to read a newspaper kept on the tabletop.
- Let your free arm (the affected side) hang freely like a pendulum, with the palm facing forward.
- Swing the hanging arm in small circles of radius around 6 inches, five to ten times. This rotation should be on shoulder joint solely and other joints like elbow and wrist should be kept fixed as directed previously.
- You can routinely do it twice a day.

Are you troubled by wrist pain?

Fine, try this simple exercise to relieve your wrist pain:
- Extend your arms forward. Make them straight and keep them parallel to one another. Position them slightly below the shoulder level.
- While maintaining your arms straight, relax on your wrist joints so that hands droop down.
- Move your hands in 'figure of eight' paths at least 10 times.
- You may repeat it after an hour if pain creeps in again. But don't repeat as soon as you finish the first one.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Know if You have a Thyroid Problem?

Ma'am, is your thyroid doing fine? Pardon me gentlemen, I'm asking this only to my female readers, because, due to some unidentified reason thyroid disorders are three to four times commoner in women than in men. Although thyroid problems are most common in women of reproductive age group, it may begin right from the womb, infancy, childhood, adolescence and in any period of adult life, affecting a girl's growth, puberty, later menstrual cycles and tweaking with her reproductive functions. Lady, this is for your knowledge- thyroid disease is the second most common cause of hormonal problems in women of childbearing age, especially so in developing countries like ours (India) where there is upright lack of knowledge and neglecting tendency towards health issues. Over last two decades, incidence of thyroid disease has gained its momentum considerably, more shockingly, embracing more and more minors! Although you might be hearing of much hyped diabetes everyday, it is actually the thyroid disease which is most common and most prevalent among all hormonal diseases in India, troubling almost twice as many victims as of diabetes. So, how about knowing little more about your thyroid? Back to square one, how to know if your thyroid is doing fine? I think this is the right time to get acquainted with your thyroid, its functions, possible problems and preventable measures. Mademoiselle would you please pause your housekeeping, mothering or office works for fifteen minutes to improve your knowledge on thyroid health?

What is thyroid? It's a butterfly shaped gland, weighing around 20 grams, situated at the front and side of your neck. This structure produces a hormone called Thyroxine that regulates metabolism in your body by processing carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins (to keep our talk simple). So, it is obvious that a malfunctioning thyroid would produce either less or more thyroxine, letting you gain or lose “excess weight”. When this hormone called thyroxine is high in your body the condition is called Hyperthyroidism and its low level in your body leads to the condition called Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is more common in women than hyperthyroidism. Even during pregnancy chances of getting hypothyroidism is much more than its hyper-counterpart. Bright side is, with a brief knowledge on your thyroid health you can assess whether your thyroid is functioning properly. If you experience warning signs of thyroid disorder do not worry... your doctor can easily diagnose and treat your naughty thyroid.

Most common Warning Signs from your improperly functioning thyroid are:
* Constipation
* Intolerance to cold
* Fatigue and lethargy
* Hoarseness of voice
* Excess weight gain
* Puffiness around your face/ Swelling of limbs
* Muscle stiffness, pain and night time cramps
* Dry coarse skin
* Chest pain
* Deceased ability of hearing

Sunday, November 9, 2014

4 Easy Exercises for a healthier Pregnancy

Pregnancy, especially for first timers can be really a confusing state and if you're a sane woman most probably you'll be freaked out by pregnancy related changes in your body and habits. In my last article I've explained how to combat the back pain during pregnancy. Today our talk will be focused on more generalized subject. What I'll be telling you to do is nothing new to you, but may be you don't know that these can be useful for your body while you're pregnant too. If you've heard from someone that simple exercises can minimize your pregnancy related weight gain (Ah I know you never wanted to be a watermelon, relax!) and dwindle down your physical woes then you heard it right. Simple physical exercises 20-30 minutes a day for at least 3-4 days a week can work wonder for you, provided you don't stress yourself with the crazy idea of beating your own record everyday. Take it easy, be positive and persistent are keys to healthy exercises during pregnancy. A good question from your end at this juncture should be- When to start exercising in pregnancy? Talking of normal/uncomplicated pregnancies here, second trimester (from 13th week onwards) is a good starting point for pregnant women with sedentary habits. Women who exercise regularly can continue doing so (of course, modifications as per period of gestation and body's demands are must) throughout all three trimesters. Got any more query? Then raise your hand...
* Walking is one of the most effective yet underrated exercises. Walking is actually the simplest as well as safest one you can start with if you're still wondering from where to start. Get a pair of good quality walking shoes. Even if you're not brand-maniac consider a pair from some reputed brand as their shoe ergonomics would be more specific for the purpose. Keeping yourself hydrated is an important requirement for any exercise regimen, more so when you're pregnant. Drink up to half liter of water before going for your walk... no beer please. Alternatively you can carry a water sipper with you to hydrate yourself every 5-10 minutes. Walk at a steady pace and take a break whenever your body asks for one.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Prevent Childhood Obesity - Tips for Parents

Childhood obesity is spreading like a bonfire and if you are one of 'those' Indian parents then I can easily put greater half of the blame on you. Here 'those' is a sensitive word referring to all those, which of course constitute the majority of Indian parents, who'll give me dirtiest stares if by chance after surveying their kids I compliment, “Hey, your child is slightly obese. Why don't you consider minor dietary and lifestyle modifications?” I understand the opacity of your parental vision; the extra weight your child puts on is totally invisible to your motherly/fatherly eyes. Fatter your child grows more healthy you'll take him to be, unless one ominous day he presents with an ailment. But, what if that presentation is too late to revert back? What if your apparently 'healthy' (we call it 'chubby') child develops sinister diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, increased blood cholesterol, cardiac multifunction just to name a few, even before he reaches ten? Wake up parents, this is exactly what is happening nowadays! Studies suggest that three-fourth of obese children develop as obese adults carrying high possibilities of all those health problems I mentioned. Is your blind love worthy of sacrificing your child's good health?

Now comes the psychological aspect; most of the obese children suffer from inferiority complex among their peer groups. If your plump cherub is open with you, he'll surely complain you of multiple occasions when he was humiliated by his friends or addressed by repulsive nicknames like- motu, golu, fatso, fatass and what not! Usually a normal kid sees another obese kid as sloppy, untrustworthy, dumb, fugly and shabby. Imagine the mountain of anguish that would bury you if your colleagues treated you that way. I'm not even highlighting the worst scenario when your obese kid is an introvert... yes, I'm leaving that to your fair imagination. Several researches over the decade have concluded that uncorrected childhood obesity has direct positive influence on weak academics, lower socioeconomic development, increased psychological problems and chances of depressive disorders! Now it is entirely up to you. The ball is still in your court. Being parents would you take necessary measures to manage your child's obesity or, will you prefer squeezing his chubby cheeks till he grows up to an ill adult? If you choose the former, here are my humble suggestions on dietary and lifestyle modification which would help to prevent as well as manage obesity in your child.

Practical suggestions for Dietary modification:

* Give your child his meals at regular times.

* Do not give bulky meals, break it into smaller portions.

* Provide him foods that take time to consume, like- corn, fruits, roti etc.

* Discourage fried stuffs and encourage boiled, baked or grilled foods, of course without added fat.

* Try to distract him with fruits or lighter snacks when he demands for chocolates, chips, dry fruits, sweets etc.

* Get him into habit of taking fresh fruits and cooked vegetables.
* Do not give some particular food item as a reward for accomplishing a task when you know he's greedy for that.

* Do not allow casual munching of foods while playing or watching TV.

* Strongly discourage carbonated and all synthetic drinks. Avoid it yourself so that he can idolize.

* Implement the concept of 'Balanced Diet' for your whole family. If you need, take help of a nutritionist.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Missed your Pills? No Problem Lady!

Missed your Pills? No Problem Lady!

Missing your pills can be scary, especially so if you've missed your oral contraceptive pills. In all probability you'll lose your cool and bug your adjacent person and more interestingly his/her reassurance won't calm you down. You should be really serious while you're under contraceptive pills, because facts state that the improper usage of those pills is one of the main causes for unplanned pregnancies worldwide! Be worried if you've missed your pills but don't panic. I'll be giving you a comprehensive guideline on what to do in otherwise normal circumstances, if you by chance have missed your pills. Don't be scared, I'm not making you a guineapig for my evil experimentation; I'm merely simplifying and summarizing recommendations laid down by World Health Organization's Department of Reproductive Health and Reasearch. As there are different varieties of oral contraceptive pills in the market, we'll talk about missing the most commonly used one, i.e.- combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP), one that contains combination of two hormones- an estrogen and a progestogen. Sounds familiar?
Missed your Pills? No Problem Lady!
Most of you COCP users are using pill packs marked with the days of the week as shown in the photo above. I know you're wise enough to know what you're taking but still for my self satisfaction I'd repeat one-two sentences on your COCP pack/strip. Pills marked with Day 1 to 21 are hormonal pills, also called Active Pills. Remaining 7 pills, i.e. those marked with Day 22 to 28 are non-hormonal pills, also refered to as Inactive Pills. We'll be using these two terms- Active and Inactive pills in the rest of this discussion. No Problem lady, this comprehensive guide on missed contraceptive pills will make you a smarter and much more confident woman to confront this missing-pills situation. But do not get confused, OK?

* Have you missed any One of those Active Pills?

No Problem lady: Relax, the world is not going upside down! Take that missed pill whenever you remember of missing it. Most probably you can't get late more than a day as the next day pill will surely remind you of your last day's carelessness, right? So, you can take both of them together, no worries at all. Continue the rest of the COCP course in the normal pattern, i.e. one pill each day.

* Have you missed 2-4 Active Pills between Day 1 and Day 7?

No Problem lady: Quoting from the previous solution, relax, the world is not going upside down! Take the first missed pill whenever you remember of missing it and discard rest of those missed pills to avoid further confusion. This may put you in a situation that you have to take 2 pills in the same day or even same time, but that is fine. Continue the rest of the COCP course in the normal pattern, i.e. one pill each day. BUT, abstain from SEX or use additional CONTRACEPTIVE protection for the next 7 days. You may ring your doctor to ask whether emergency contraception will be proper for you. Don't try it without a doctor's permission.

* Have you missed 2-4 Active Pills between Day 8 and Day 14?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Relieve Your Back Pain during Pregnancy

Recently I had a brief chitchat with a pregnant lady who was agonized by her low back pain. Interestingly, but of course I'm not considering it to be a good statistical data, two thirds of pregnant women experience low back and pelvic pain by the end weeks of pregnancy. There's a 30% chance that you're one of the victims of this normal yet unpleasant phenomenon. Don't mind the percentage (I just manipulated it to make you believe you're not wasting your hours by reading some amateur's guide), look at the brighter side. The low back pain you or your spouse is experiencing is completely physiological, i.e. this is the way human body works. I know, if I assure you with proven medical fact that your low back pain shall most probably vanish after 2-4 months of delivery, you won't bother reading rest of my article, so, how about me teaching you few easy lifestyle modifications and simple exercises to prevent or at least minimize your pregnancy related back pain? Sounds productive? Then keep reading till you reach the bottom of it.

It is never foolish to know why you're having back pain during pregnancy. Once you know the background mechanism it won't be that much intimidating right? Visualize, the angel inside you is growing in size, stretching your abdominal muscles. Muscles are never like your best rubber bands. So, after a certain degree of stretch by the growing fetus, your abdominal muscles lose their ability to contract and help you with their routine function. Previously these muscles used to contribute towards maintaining your body posture. Now, it's your poor back, precisely lower back which has to take the extra workload to maintain your posture. Isn't it obvious that anything that is overburdened would cry or complain. Your back can neither shed tears or yell at you... only thing it does is giving you discomfort as his only mode to avenge. There are hormonal and other reasons too which we can skip for now to keep the matter simple.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beyond the Realm of Death

Chapter 27 from Team: Wordoholics.
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Sound never dies. But we overlook its grey shades until we're at the receiving end. It selectively echoes into ears of listeners who're susceptible to its psychotropic aftermath. Shekhar Dutta had tried all diversions, distractions and drugs but nothing worked for him... he still could hear those series of echoes whenever he tried to be a solitary writer at the privacy of his seventeenth floor apartment while Tara was busy outside in her corporate life!

Echo 1:-

Darius: “Hey Bangaali I think love is not that bad...”

Shekhar: “So the stud lost his virulence huh?”

Darius: “Bro, there's a world beyond the priority of these files and masks... have you ever smelled the morning dew or bathed in the glow of reddish moon...?”

Shekhar: “Stop being godfather's dad Darius... you're already bowled... now lookout for your rolling balls!

Darius: “Bangaali I'll tell you everything once I wrap this up for once and all... you nailed it bro... I'm flying... it is like never before... Ah...!!!”

Shekhar: “Look bro, I think I got you... but you've reached the edge... you're at Shrinagar man! You're just there... you know how many voyeurs are there to document it even when you jerk it off... you getting me dear? Please don't fuck it up... Hey don't hang up the call... are you listening me?...”

Echo 2:-

Darius: “Hello, am I talking to the bald demented bastard?”

Shekhar: “...and are you the sissy love sick treasure hunter?”

Darius: “Bangaali, she is Jennifer... she's wonderful...”

Shekhar: “...and you'll be lying dead down those hills... she'll kill you bloody dork!”

Darius: “I care no more bro... it'll be a privilege to die for her... Jennifer is my wife...”

Before Darius could continue with his words of ecstasy, Shekhar had disconnected the call with a bang on his desk. He was scared... that was the first time he got the feat of uncontrolled palpitation.

Echo 3:-

Darius: “Hey hairless rabbit, it's me the radio-head... listen communication is no more safe... heading for a last role in Bollywood... don't try to catch my channel... there'll be jammers to take care of...”

Shekhar: “Radio-head, I knew you were out of these... how come...”

Darius: “Long story rabbit... may be some other day... just wanted to tell you...”

Shekhar: “Why don't you connect to my line zero... hold on... I'll switch it on... then we can discuss more on the weather eh?”

Darius: “My access to line zero has been suspended... listen... if I'm not able to reach there don't give up... it's not our work but our intention must be strong enough to strike the chord... getting me...?”

Shekhar: “At least send me your coordinates in bunny's special inbox... you can't just get away with your sinful ass...”

Darius: “There's a small ulcer in my mouth that's stopping me from laughter... are you getting carried away... are you wet my friend?... this' not the rabbit I know... well, apart from objective there is another thing I called you for... She has none except me... sometimes... you know what I mean don't you?”

That was the last word Shekhar had ever heard from Darius.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Chapter 13 from Team: Wordoholics.
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In the evening Jennifer sat with her laptop and poured little scotch onto a paunchy crystal glass... she loves it single malt. Since she joined BBC, she perceived a gradual decline in her creative-libido as a photographer. No more does she incline for street photographies, nor schedule her alarm for golden hours. Almost hundred gigabytes of unprocessed image file have been hibernating in her portable drive since she relocated to Mumbai. A sense of dormant guilt was perturbing the passionate photographer in her- “Darling are you just a corporate slave?” No way, she decided. She couldn't wait for the coming sunday to organize her photo archives.

With every sip of the golden liquid, she was getting more attached to those photos on the display. Instead of categorizing Jenny was trying to smell the air, water and dust in them. There was a giant statue of Monkey God looming over a speedy city train passing by its waist level, on the LCD where she paused.

Whenever you get intoxicated with alcohol, your mind tends to avenge you by playing your drunken master with collage of memories, till you get exhausted and knocked out by default!

Jennifer Joseph came out slowly of the Karolbagh metro station as if keeping a count of her own steps and rang somebody, “Hey, where're you? I see you nowhere around...”
It is no more safe there. Take the lane on your left and walk till you touch the main road. Keep walking straight and you'll find a mammoth Hanuman statue on the other side of the road. Don't cross the road. Remain within ten meters of the rusted Madrasa gate. And the most important thing, don't even think of asking road direction from anyone...” the call was disconnected abruptly.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Dark side of the Moon

Chapter 5 from Team: Wordoholics.
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Tara did not return to Shekhar till time took its stroll. It's the sky that holds the lonely sun, playful clouds, twinkling stars and at the same time drops of rain, enough to flood the mankind. You sing a song at his praise but the one living there would curse at your lyrics... for he has seen the dark side of the moon!

Two parallel beams of intense halogen dismantled the breeding tie between monsoon driven dog couple. Black water in the pothole born of the day long mizzle lost its stillness by two tyrant pieces of attention-shy rubber.

Hardly anyone enters those shadowy alleys bifurcating from South Bay Cemetary near Mahim creek, and that too not certainly on a bottom wide hatchback. There is a washerman colony, may be fifteen minutes' walk away from the first gate of the cemetary. But as the evening engulfs Mumbai, kids of washerman who loiter around in those bylanes, sometimes playing gully cricket, too abandon the place. It is not the fright of uncanny spirits reigning the night air but the abundance of venomous snakes in the region.

Children from Indian low socioeconomic strata get to realize by five years of age that ghost is totally an illusive concept and by the time they attain teenage they already know how elusive our health infrastructure is. Half of the solar streetlights would glow dimly in normal days but they take a group-leave almost everyday in rainy season.

Switching off the air-conditioner, the lean man opened the driver's door. He took a deep breath as if to invite random souls hovering over the cemetary sky. He does so always, before lighting a cigarette, and also he moistens his lips with a sip of water. Since university days when he used to sing he developed this notion that it would preserve the redness of those vivid lips despite habitual smoking.

Something crossed Shekhar Dutta's brooding mind and with a bang he closed the car door. The cold breeze was circulating inside the vehicle once again in full vigor, replacing the sultry mini atmosphere that was created momentarily. Yet few drops of sweat trickles down his forehead. Shekhar can feel the throbbing heart, almost struck in the middle of his throat!

First time it had occurred four years back when everybody assumed it to be a premature heart attack, including him. But now he has learnt to live with this. Every time his body shows such autonomous excitement, words of Dr Cheryl explaining his condition to Tara echoes in his ears “Look Mrs. Dutta, it is not a panick disorder. It's not a very common case though, and in my 23 years of practice your husband is my second patient with such symptoms. Good part is he's totally non-alcoholic and you two are having a happening conjugal life, correct me...”

Shekhar knows he won't die but he is tired of tolerating the restlessness of his heart. He hates good things to begin with a bad ceremony. Previously he used to take weekly medication until he realized those were affecting his social attributes and had nothing to do with the chaos within. He twisted a lever to lower the seat and dialed a number, a particular number for which he drives more than thirty odd kilometers down the city every saturday to this godforsaken place.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Download All your Photos from Picasa and Google Plus

I was trying to figure out a way to download all my photos and image files from the Picasa and Google plus account. Downloading an individual file was easy, so was downloading an album, but there seemed no easy way to download all photos with the click of a single button! Like me, someday you may also feel the need of keeping an offline backup of all your uploaded photographs and online data in your hard disk for anytime-accessibility and portability advantages. This may come handy for photo bloggers too. Even the google support page for picasa says, “To download entire albums from picasa web albums, picasa must be installed in your computer”. So, I had to do bit of research to find a solution to my problem. I didn’t like the idea of installing picasa, as I wanted to accomplish it in a smarter way, “with the click of a single button” as I said before. Ultimately I found the doughnut! Now you can also download a copy of all your photos and other data like contacts, calendars, mails, profile, chat archive etc, i.e. anything and everything stored in your google account with the click of a single button by following my easy instructions. This will automatically include all your photos uploaded to picasa and google plus profile. Keep reading…

Saturday, August 30, 2014

A visit to the UniverCell Sync Mumbai

Twenty-third was not a good day to leave my hometown (it's a different issue), I thought. At least hundred and eight times the idea of cancelling my journey brushed my few remaining bleached hair over the 'Bruce Willis like' scalp. But, it was an invitation mail from Indiblogger, the blogging community with whom I've been associated since 1969... how could I deaf-ear a warm call from them? Getting my emotions, aren't you? Ok... so, I was invited to the newly set up UniverCell Sync digital store at south Mumbai, a mere 2095 kilometers drive from my home. My chopper would have been most appropriate for the occasion but my newly married pilot gave a apologetic call last night to inform he was having profuse diarrhoea, while I overheard a moaning sound from the background (utterly disgusting!). My bat-bike was the only option left and meanwhile you keep guessing what stopped me from booking an air ticket.

It took exactly 8 hours and 17 minutes to reach the UniverCell Sync, next to Regal Cinema and you believe it or not I was standing right there before the glass door of the store, dusting off slight dirt particles out of my tuxedo by afternoon 2:00! I'm resistant to thousand stares over my bat-bike whenever I park it in any city, so Mumbai was no exception. The store manager of UniverCell received me with due hospitality as I introduced myself, “Samanta... Anunoy Samanta.” He was like, “Sir, it was my lifelong dream to meet you once... my child is a big fan of your novels...” Like most mango-men I meet for the first time, he too ran out of words and stood frozen forgetting what he was supposed to do till I pulled him out of his hypnotic state. He gave a pro-active demo of their outlet which I found quite fascinating. They seemed to be be quite disciplined with their mission. UniverCell understands the need of a customer and assist him with comprehensive mobility solutions!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Invisible Curse

I don't pledge to outlive eternity,
Shall I thus be the free witness-
Let hatred be your mistress,
And love be the morphine
That'll let mankind relish
An easy death.

Facts are all open-
To make lands for anthills
Mighty mountains got to fall...
Trees are fated to be cremated
In the last engine that will ever run...
Antiques from museums shall invite
Depression to combat the manlessness...
Yes, all these coming very soon!

Till then-
Tear the rebel,
Release his blood...
Burn some chapters,
Let the gasping ash fly...
Sun has abandoned long
Ago to grant you your wish!
When your eyes get tired
Of this enigmatic black,
Pay your homage to
The master of dark,
He might help
You perish!

I pledge to outlive the living Lucifer-
Shall I thus be the holy beholder
Of a fire blazing in its flame!
Let love be the morphine...
Mercy on this mankind
With painless death.