Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From Her Butterfly Hours - Page 2

Continuation of:  From Her Butterfly Hours - Page 1

Finally dusk leaves my hand when I’m most scared of the idle mind,
Playful fireflies or steaming coffee, to me none bothered to be kind-
Oh the room looks too big! So full of air to burst my lungs and head;
Nervously I embrace my laptop and creep to the corner of the bed…
He: [Silent_Jogger is Online now]

He: Good evening Paper_Daisy! So how was your day [Smile]?

Me: Yea it was good… what about yours…? So you turned up as you said.

He: Yes how could I keep an insomniac waiting… A man’s word is a word even if he’s silent [Wink]…

Me: You think I was waiting for you [Laugh]…?

He: Nah… not me… you were waiting for the moment [Smile]…

Me: Oh my God… my butterfly moment! [Sarcastic]

He: Definitely we could make it if tomorrow is going to be the Dooms day [Smile]…

Me: Do you kind a deal with black magic and all those nuisance stuffs [Sarcastic]?

He: Oh now that’s too much for a silent jogger you see [Laugh]…

Me: Then behave like one… silently jog out of the park… don’t try to sniff or pour some perfume out of your pocket on a paper daisy…

He: Ok… ok… relax I’ll stick to the guidelines of the park [Smile]…

Me: Ahem… so how was your day jogger?

He: How does it matter Daisy…? If my day was bad am I supposed to preserve that irritation… or suppose, if my day fared well then should I fall asleep with satisfaction? [Smile]

Me: Ok… you are among those who don’t like straight talks… then why you asked me the same… bloody hypocrisy!

He: Ahem… as a matter of fact I’m not a good starter when it comes to conversation… I’m not much into chatting and all [Shy]…

Me: Ah great… then why did you ping me last night…? Were you too bored in your box and seeing the name ‘Paper_Daisy’ the image of a lonely housewife provoked your mind?

He: Chill down Brother… anger is too unfriendly with sleep and more like a stone to the flimsy silence of night hours!

Me: Dropping online is your sleeping pill? [Sarcastic]

He: Hush… you’re not just in your home Daisy… you’re in an international network… so might be some people out of billions here thinking for a sound sleep… right? [Smile]

Me: Huh poor joke if you intended one… and calling me brother doesn’t clear you off the charge of presuming ‘Paper_Daisy’ to be a lonely housewife [Wink]…

He: I noticed something… since yesterday you’re too concerned with the gender of your chat friend... how much difference would it make if I say I’m not a man?

Me: It’ll make you a liar before me… Anyway I’m a lady… working in Bangalore…

He: Well… I’m a not-so-gentleman… not-working in Dhanbad [Smile]…

Me: I don’t care who you are or what you do… be comfortable Jogger… so you’re from Jharkhand?

He: A Bengali guy living in Jharkhand… quite a common thing here in Dhanbad [Smile]…

Me: Oh really…? I’m originally from Kolkata… here in Bangalore since last seven years… my parents are still in Kolkata though…

He: My country-house is in Birbhum… we’re here since last fifteen years… my parents are here with me…

Me: So are you into colliery?

He: Even if I’m a miner my black face won’t scare you through internet… isn’t so? [Laugh]

Me: Ok… ok… stay behind the curtain… but you’re free to ask me anything you want to know…

He: You know why the night is so appealing…? Because, you can see only the tree closest to you but you know it from your inside that there are several others… some with ripe fruits, some with mesmerizing flowers hidden in the darkness… you just smell their aroma and feel good but you don’t dare to lookout for their source! [Smile]

Me: Yea I got it… it’s okay for me… but as I said earlier you’re welcome to lit your torch and explore my orchard… don’t be afraid, it’s unconditional…

He: Got to go now… it’s quite late [Smile]…

Me: Ok… Sweet dreams…

He: Try to sleep… See you tomorrow [Smile]… [Silent_Jogger logged out of Chat]
The time behaved fast and furious after a long… long time-
After countless silent nights why his few words today chime?
I gaze at my insomnia sprinting out of my dew dipped balcony-
The wild mare is tamed tonight by her eyelids in rare harmony!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

From Her Butterfly Hours - Page 1

He came in my moth-eaten pages like a warm winter gust
When I had called it a day and closed all files of my past-
Days seemed bitterly stretched, nights felt oddly cold;
Shaded eyes were all I had as sleep was long back on hold!
He: “Hi… [Smile]”

Me: “Yea…”

He: “So why are you awake so late?”

Me: “Insomniac… I guess.”

He: “Oh that’s a luxury… I too afford it at times”

Me: “I afford it every day because I’m rich”

He: “I opted out of that rat-race when most of my friends did and look now I’m happily light pocketed… [Smile]”

Me: “Huh light hearted too…? So, you could see my fatigued legs…”

He: “Well not really… [Smile]”

Me: “Then words…? [Sarcastic]”

He: “I thought you would be closer this time… [Smile]”

Me: “You mean my mind… Huh…? [Sceptic]”

He: “I told you right that you were so close… see now you told it yourself! [Laugh]”

Me: “No way… you’re just forcing things to fuel your ego… I don’t have a fatigued mind note it.”

He: “Do you think a person crawls onto the bed with a pure intention of getting a sleep with a kindled ego…?”

Me: “Hey you got heavy eyes…? Ok goodnight… bye.”

He: “It is not over yet, so better words would be ‘see you tomorrow’ [Smile].”

Me: “I don’t like people who take things for granted.”

He: “None of us do it actually but we unconsciously like taking things for granted… [Smile]”

Me: “Ahem… like?”

He: “Like just now you took it for granted that I prefer to quit my day with an aroused ego! [Smile]”

Me: “Oh well…”

He: “Catch you tomorrow… try to get some sleep…”

Me: “Won’t you ask my age, sex and location?”

He: [Silent_Jogger logged out of Chat]

Me: Luxury…! My foot… Stupid…
Insomnia had robbed my bliss and left me alone with my tears,
But acquainted me with dark guarding me from million nightmares;
Today I faced a brand new insomnia with dry eyes and soggy mind
I kept pondering what is there in memories which I’m dying to find…

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Cat on my balcony

"Pussycat pussycat, where have you been?
I've been up to London to visit the Queen.
Pussycat pussycat, what did you there?
I frightened a little mouse under her chair"
Surely the pussycat had earned much love and care from Queen Elizabeth but failed to secure even a neutral space in my heart. It’s entirely causeless but as I grew up and detached from my nursery rhymes I developed negativity towards all the pussycats in the world. Yes, they even have a fashionable scientific name- Felis silvestris catus, but that doesn’t make pussies (please don’t take the pun out of it) any appealing to me! But few months back, when a mischievous cat invaded my balcony and procured my balcony throne with over-imperialistic look I thought of giving him a proper reply with my camera. The cat bravely posed before my lens and flashes and looked as if I was his hired photographer!  

During the photo session my model cat tried few times to scratch my lens but I anticipated his moves each and every time. After few minutes when I felt the growing unrest in my model to further infiltrate my castle I couldn’t take any chance and evoked the cat-hater in me once again and scared him away. Yea I know it was a mean act but I really couldn’t see a cat roaming around in my living room. My present development  or rather you can call it change of attitude is I love cats in photos and trust me this love won’t ever extend to real cats… after all there are plenty of cat lovers. By the way, I’m looking for a kitten for some cute snaps… Have you got one?