Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Captive Lady

A decade of separation with the outer sphere-
The fair woman is a devoted house wife,
Content with two broods, a loving husband
And a family of happiness devoid of tears.

What else would she fancy when her man
Resides in home in tempting dark hours,
Lounging in the same bed with same mate
Sacrificing all extramarital dealings undone-

The man obliges the lady by restraining from
Getting pleasures in long matured wines-
So she's proud of her virtuous other half,
Even after ten years sticking to equal decorum.

Jim & Jennie are two gems of invaluable type-
This' what their mother, the lady boasts of;
After spending thousands of sleepless nights
In changing nappy without a whispering hype.

Buttering breakfast breads to saucing spaghettis,
Cleansing garments to ironing the outfits,
Peeping through the vent to check any dirt-
She's fascinated to all these household liabilities.

She cares for the man, the kids and the home,
Is she a warehouse of love or a banyan tree?
Or a lean liana with an only twig to cling-
Her description is hazy like well wriggled foam.

What's her meaning to her man is foggy too-
Is she Jim's mummy or Dave's mistress?
Certainly not a lady-love as other than talks
Of family needs, no warm gesture do they show.

The days crawl by, lady sticks to homemaking flu-
Every dawn & dusk fails to rouse the woman in her,
Living the wobbly life of perfuming incense stick,
Perhaps she's detached from her inner sphere too!

- littleWriter